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Well Whisky Chords


G - C - G
G - C - D
C - D - G - F#/G - C
G - D - G

(G) I get my  whiskey from a (G) well
(G) except on holi  days Then it's the (D) top shelf
 Tonight I don't (D) mind if I (G) spend a (F#/G) little  more 
cause you're a (G) tolerant woman and the (D) world is at (G) war

(G) I know you  witnessed my (G) decline
(G) You used to push back the  darkness like a (D) floodlight
But  tonight that's a (D) secret like the (G) soul (F#/G) of a  whore
That if you (G) want to have fun you just (D) have to (G) ignore

(G) now I let my  troubles solve (G) themselves
(G) I used to get  involved but I'm just (D) no help
But  tonight let's (D) pretend that we're (G) just (F#/G) like we  were
Let me (G) stay until the morning I will (D) sleep on the (G) floor
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We could  talk in circles no (G) dollar figures
Just  what is owed or (D) paid
We can  make predictions I know you (G) see the future and I (Am) agree
Yea we (D) agree  tonight's (B/C) not (D) happening (G)

(G) When I got dry as a  desert I got (G) mean
(G) I was as lonely and  empty as a (D) canteen
With  no anes(D)thetic you're (G) bound (F#/G) to be  sore
But (G) tonight I am drinking all (D) peaceful and (G) warm

(G) And just when I got  fed up with that grey (G) sky
(G) the sun came out of  nowhere like a (D) bar fight
And it  knocked out the (D) wind and it (G) bruised (F#/G) me with  light
And I felt (G) grateful for living just like (D) I feel (G) tonight

(G) Well I know you feel  safer in a (G) group 
(G) where you could be  anyone or they could (D) be you
But  tonight we'll take (D) risks that (G) you (F#/G) can  afford
You still have (G) bars on your windows and a (D) hole in your (G) door

We can  talk in circles around the (G) dirty mirror
Night  trickles down our (D) throats
Then we'll  make a timeline to (G) last our whole lives
But we (Am) don't know but no one (D) knows
What's  fur(B/C)ther (D) up the (G) road

(Am) Just wait and see
Just wait and (D) see (G)
(Am) All in time
All in (D) time  (G)