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"Padriac My Prince"
Bright Eyes

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Fernando Rossi ( 

i had a brother once
G                         F                        E      Am
he drowned in a bathtub before he had ever learned how to talk
                G                 F
and i don't know what his name was but my mother does
                   E          Am
i heard her say it once, padriac my prince i have all but died from the 
sheer weight of my shame. (etc...)

[repeat until this part]
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Am                            F    G
and so tonight to celebrate i will poison myself.
Am                                     F            G
another coughing, shaking fit in a bathroom that is spinning.
     C         G        Am                       F
so i close the door and rest my head on the tile floor, 
C            G                Am
sickness and sleep turning me cold.
C              G                   Am                       F
i am still not sure, is there some better place i should be heading
C                   G             Am      E  
where the selfishly sick and self absorbed
are welcome. 

[repeat verse and then final]
Am / E