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From: (Eric Dennis Larson)
Subject: TAB: Circle by Edie Brickell
Date: 18 Jun 92 19:10:20 GMT
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Subject: TAB: Circle by Edie Brickell

Well here's an ascii version.....

                             by Edie Brickell

                Transcribed by Eric Larson (

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Main Riff:
 D	    Amj6/C#	     Bm7	    A     .  . .	 G

-|-2-----7~----6---4----2-O-------|  The verses use these chords, but the
-|-2---------9---7---5------4-2--.|  melody is different....

Bm    D		   Em	G
  And being alone     is the best way to be
Bm	   D		     Em  G
  When I'm by myself it's the  best way to be
Bm         D   		     Em  G
  When I'm all alone it's the  best way to be
Bm   	   D         Em		     A
  When I'm by myself nobody else can say

That's basically the whole song... you know the words :)

Here's the main part to What I am:
Badd9          Dadd9	  Add9		Badd9

The chord are very "Andy Summerish", this song reminds me a lot of
Message In A Bottle... anyway, have fun!