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Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 08:13:03 -0600
Subject: guitar  - bread

GuitarMan - Bread
Transcribed by: Dirk Cushenbery (

[G]Who draws the crowd?  Who[C ] plays so loud? Baby its the [ D]guitar man.
[G]Who's going to steal the [C]show? You know baby its the [D]guitar man.

    * He can [ em]make you love.  He can [C]make you cry.
He will [ em]bring you down and he'll [A]get you high.  !

[CM7]Something keeps him going [ bm7]miles and miles a day to [am7]find
another place to [D]play.
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[G]Night after night, who [C]treats you right? Baby its the [D]guitar man.
[G]Who's on the radi[C]o? You go to listen to the [D]guitar man.

When he [em]comes to town and you [C]see his face. And you[em] think you
might like to [A]take his place.

[CM7]Something keeps him drifting [ bm7]miles and miles away, [am7]searching
for the songs to [ D]play.

You [am]listen to the [ E+/g#]music and you [C6/g  ]like to sing
a[D/f#]long.   You [G ]want to get the[D/f#] meaning out of [em]each and
every song.[E]        And you[am] find yourself a [E+/g#]message and some
[C6/g  ]words to call your [D/f#]own and take them [E]home.
(Inst.verse to *-!) (GCD Intro 2xs)

[CM7]Something keeps him moving, but [bm7]no one seems to know [am7]what it
is that makes him [D]go.

Then the [am ]lights begin to [E+/g#]flicker and the[C6/g] sound is getting
The voice[G] begins to fal[D/f# ]ter and the [em]crowds are getting thin.[E]
But he [am]never seems to [E+/g#]notice he's  just [C6/g]got to find
a[D/f#]nother place to [E]play.

C (gab) E     4xs