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Seventy Times 7 Tab

I was looking for a "Brand New" tab of a little solo part but couldn't find it
so I sarted looking at the tabs that were there and I noticed that the tab
for "seventy times 7" sucks balls, and the person who tabed it must have been
listening to it with his brothers dick in his ear. So here you go, this is right
its just the rythem guitar, its alot of fun to play for your friends and to just
play your self.

Its drop D tunning

Into: its simple I'll show you what to play, you listen and figure out how to play  it.

e ----------------------------------------------------------
B ----------------------------------------------------------
G ---------8-------------8----------------------------------
D ---6-----8-------6-----8----------------------------------
A ---6-----6-------6-----6----------------------------------
D ---6-------------6----------------------------------------

Verse: This is right, you play the fist three cords at the same timing and then
you play the last three faster, got it? Good!
[ Tab from: ]
e ----------------------------------------------------------
B ----------------------------------------------------------
G -------8---6---8-6----------------------------------------
D ---6---8---6---8-6-6--------------------------------------
A ---6---6---4---6-4-6--------------------------------------
D ---6---------------6--------------------------------------

Chorus:"Everyone's cought on to everything you do", its pretty straight forward.

e ---------------------------------------------------------
B ---------------------------------------------------------
G -----------8---6-----------------------------------------
D ---6---3---8---6-----------------------------------------
A ---6---3---6---4-----------------------------------------
D ---6---3-------------------------------------------------

The cool part: "So is that what you call a get away" its pretty much the same as
the chorus but if you listen you play the last 3 cords fast in a couple places so
just listen and you'll catch it.

e ---------------------------------------------------------
B ---------------------------------------------------------
G -----------8---6-(8)-------------------------------------
D ---6---3---8---6-(8)-(6)---------------------------------
A ---6---3---6---4-(6)-(6)---------------------------------
D ---6---3-------------(6)---------------------------------

So thats it, its 100% right and anyone who thinks different doesn't know their
ass from thier elbow, and if can't play it please kill your self and ride the
world of your stupidity.