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Trucker Hat Chords

Hey guys!
Easy Song....have fun! I didnt check out the Solo....sorry! But it must not be that hard.

Trucker Hat - Bowling For Soup

E                      A               E
This is the song that reminds me of my trucker hat
A              E           B
That I used to wear not to block out the sun
        E                     A           E
With a john deere logo and a stain on the back
               A           E        B
From where you laid me out flat one look I was done

    C#m       C                      E
And all these things mean nothing to me
When I'm with you I've got everything
I could want and I could need
Even God he would agree
You and I were meant to be
It's easy to see
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     HighE            A
I'll never go out of style on you
    HighE                    A
And nothing really feels the way you do
C#m                        F#m           
Nothing in the world could ever make me look as good
A                        B
When you fit me like you do

E                            A        E
This is the verse about the Parachute pants
        A               E            B
That I learned to break dance in and thought I was good
E                         A               E
So much for believing the fat guy doesn't win
        A           E           B
get the girl in the end I never thought that I could

And all these things mean nothing to me.....

I'll never go out of style on you...


I'm not the perfect guy
a little slow but I've
E                       B
Got perfect timing with you

Take a look around
Outside the in crowd
A                          B
There aint nothing we cant do

I'll never go out of style on you....