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New Day Tab

Artist: Bouncing Souls
Song: New Day
Album: Anchors Away

I think this song is actually tuned down a half step, thats why the intro has
an open feel to it. You can tune it down, but this tab is for standard tuning.

Intro: (Riff 1)
G-----------------------4-----| x4

Verse 1:
F#      E           B       E     F#            E          B          E
People tell me they wake up every day wondering if they'll be here tommorrow
F# E        B     E   F#      E       B            E      
I say live for today, cuz everthing I have is just borrowed

Riff 1 x2

Verse 2:
F# E        B           E          F#        E       B        E      F#
No progress made, just sittin' around, TV's sellin' bull**** by the pound
F#     E        B             E             F#
Things stay the same, are you afraid to ask why?
F#       E   B        E          (Riff 1)                  (Riff 1)
Fight to live, or are waiting you die?  Are you waiting to die
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Riff 2
D-11--11-11-11-11--9--9-9-9-9--9---9--9--9--9---9---9--9--9--9--| x4

E       B          F#       E  B            F#  
Changes coming our way (whoah)! Just like a new day!
E       B          F#       E              B           F#
Changes coming our way (whoah)! Just like, just like a new day!

()=bass only note

Verse 3:
(F#)  (E)      (B)       (E)    (F#)     (E)     (B)     (E)     (F#)
These borrowed days they come and go, We live on reaping what we sow
      (E)       (B)     (E)    (F#)      (E)     (B)      (E)     F#
Terror from the darknes of our minds, the self destruction of mankind 
    (E)       (B)    (E)       F#     (E)     (B)      (E)        F#
And we'd all like to see some change, but the ****, it falls like rain
   (E)      (B)      (E)        F#
We sit and watch the world turn grey, what's the point here anyway?

Riff 2 x4

Chorus x2


This song is a highlight off the Souls' new album, and as far as I know this
is the first guitar tab for it and this is definetly right. Go to to check out my punk band's site!