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Blues Project    Cheryl's Going Home         written by Bob Lind

10 8-----12  10-
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The thunder cracks against the night
The dark explodes with yellow light
The railroad sign is flashing bright
C      Bb                C
People stare but I not care
Bb                           C
My flesh is cold against my bone
    C7              F
And Cheryl's going home
Come hear  me shouting in the rain

Is there a way to stop the train
               C                        Bb           C
I've got  some reasons to explain about things I did today
Bb                           C
The whistles blows   and I'm alone
And Cheryl's  going home


Santa Rosa special down the line

I'm running desperately behind

There's only one thing on my mind
             Bb              C
The rain and tears are in my eyes
Bb                           C
Things I had to say when I'm alone
And Cheryl's going home

  From The Projections LP
  Verve Folkways Records 1967