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Is It You Tab


Standard tuning  , Two guitars
Guitar 1 Open  
Guitar 2 Capo on 5'th fret  

C (Guitar 1)
G (Guitar 2)  etc...

C                         F                   C
G                         C                   G
Is it you,  I wonder,   and still it makes me laugh
Is it you,   who whispered into my         hazy soul?

C                                                 G
G                                                 D
Is it you that I'm lookin' for,   don't turn away so fast
Is it you who makes the flowers bloom on the tenement window sill

      C                       F                 C
      G                       C                 G
And while you where talking,   wide-eyed I fell asleep
In a hotel room a T V glows and songs are exchanged

C      G           F         C         
G      D           C         G 
Hoping tomorrow might be   as sweet.     (back to top)
Drunkenly chasing the ghost of eternity    

(SOLO same chord progression as above)

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          G                             F           C
          D                             C           G
Theres a drunk on the sidewalk tryin to look unconcerned
          G                             F           G
          D                             C           D 
And the dead eyed motel blondes wait in line for their turn

         C                 F                   C       
         G                 C                   G
Is it you    who laughs when all the other dogs snarl?

C                                          G 
G                                          D
Is it you   just because you listened for a while

         C                       F               C  
         G                       C               G
With this buzz of electricity still ringin' in my head,  

C     G      F          C
G     D      C          G
I   wonder is it         you?
I   wonder is it         you?

(Outro sam chord progression as beginning)