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Dark Angel Chords

G  D  C  D,  G  D  C  D Dsus4 D

           G                  C                 G
I met this girl,  she walking through one of my dreams
                 D         C    G
   She kissed my eyes and everything
           D        C       G
that she said made so much sense
     D        C               G        D      Dsus4  D
to me, that I still feel like I'm half asleep
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My dark angel, she gave me diamonds for eyes
She walked by, now I'm hypnotized
By this dream that just won't stop
And I feel lke I've always been lost in this dream

Rumours of heaven only speed the truth on earth
My dark angel shine your lght on my curse
You are the other that I have to find
Until I do, guess I'll see you around in my mind

So Colorado is the place I have to go
I heard a rumour she loves the mountains and the snow
Well my dark angel, she gave me diamonds for eyes
My dark angel, I offer you my heart
My dark angel, think I loved you from the start

Cause there's this face that I know that I've never seen
Sometimes I feel I'm living in someone else's dream
Still I thank you for stopping to talk