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Obvious Tab

Band: blink 182
Song: obvious
Album: blink 182
Tabbed by Glenn Murphy a.k.a reckless

It seems like Tom has discovered a new tuning, drop C#. Itís no big deal,
all you do is tune the top E string one step lower than D. It produces a unique
sound on the top E string when played open, and sounds very good on this song.
This song is definitely NOT in standard tuning, because whenever Tom plays it
live, he uses a different guitar instead his custom Gibson, at the moment heís
using a white fender tornado. You can also hear it if you try to play along to
the song in standard tuning. And I re-submitted this tab coz being a dumbass I
fucked it up before :)


E ------------------------
B ------------------------
G ------6-----2-2-2-2-----
D ------x-----2-2-2-2-----
A -2/4--4-(0)-0-0-0-0-----


Just play these chords at the start of each bar; the verse is mainly markís bass:
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E -------------
B -------------
G --6---2------
D --6---2------
A --4---0------


E ----------------------------------------
B ----------------------------------------
G ----------------------------------------
D --2-------------------------------------
A --2-------------------------------------
C#--3-(let ring)--333-777-555-88-00-333---


Note: Tom uses some cool effects during the build up to this bridge
but I doubt heíll use them live.

E ------------------------------
B ------------------------------
G -999-222-666-1010-99-1010-----
D -999-222-666-1010-99-1010-----
A -777-000-444-8-8--77-8-8------


E --------------------------------------
B --------------------------------------
G -9999999999999999-9999999999999999----
D -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx----
A -7777777777777777-6666666666666666----

End on:

E ----
B ----
G ----
D -2--
A -2--

Thatís it
Tabbed by Glenn Murphy a.k.a reckless