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Mothers Day Tab

Artist:  Blink 182
Song:  Mother's Day (second hidden track on the red cd)
Album: Take off Your Pants and Jacket, the red version

Tabbed by:  Howie Saubert,

This song is simple and short, should be pretty much 100% correct and is =
easy to play once you get down the strumming at the beggining with the =
E5 chord.

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   Fuckin' it suckin' it touchin'....
   E5                              G5       F#5   E5=20
E :--------------------|-----------------------------|-------|
B :--------------------|-----------------------------|-------|
G :--------------------|-----------------------------|-------|
D :2x2-2-xx2x2x2-2-xx2x|2x2-2-xx2-/5-5-5-5-\4-4-\2---|-------
A :2x2-2-xx2x2x2-2-xx2x|2x2-2-xx2-/5-5-5-5-\4-4-\2---|--------
E :0x0-0-xx0x0x0-0-xx0x|0x0-0-xx0-/3-3-3-3-\2-2-\0---|--------

                    It's mother's dayy............
E :3-----3-3-3-3--~--3-|3-3-----3----3---2---------2-|2------- 
B :3-----3-3-3-3--~--3-|3-3-----3----3---3----x----3-|3-------
G :0-x---0-0-0-0--~x-0-|0-0---x-0----0---2----2----2-|2-------
D :2-2---2-2---2--~2-2-|--0---0-0--------0----0----0-|--------
A :2-2-----2---3--~3-3-|--2---2-2--------------------|--------
E :0-0-----0-----------|--3---3-3--------------------|--------