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I Miss You Chords

Artist: Blink 182
Title: I Miss You

The chords go in a loop basically, has a few
little delays on the B but I'm sure can work
them out easily enough. You can play any
version of the chords really but I think they
sound best and is easiest to play like this.

B     D#m   C#m7   F#
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e|7|  e|6|  e|4|  e|2|
B|7|  B|7|  B|5|  B|2|
G|8|  G|8|  G|4|  G|3|
D|9|  D|8|  D|6|  D|4|
A|9|  A|6|  A|4|  A|4|
e|7|  e|6|  e|4|  e|2|

B, D#m, C#m7, F#

Good song, bit emo for my liking but *shrug*

My first tab so don't be too harsh, I think the
chord names are right but I'm not 100% on that.