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Dont Leave Me Tab

Song: Don’t Leave me		Tabbed By: David Everson
Band: Blink-182
Composers: Mark Hoppus/Tom Delonge
This is a very cool, but simple tune to play by Blink.  There are about three or Four Riffs to Learn and through the song they just repeat.

xxx = Palm Mute with the Chords Following them.
>>> = Let Ring
*  * = Repeat in between these stars
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Intro Riff: Repeat Twice
e ------------------------------------------------------------
B ------------------------------------------------------------
G --------------------7777--------------7777—9999>>>>—--------
D -xxxx---7777-xxxx--7777-xxxx---9999--7777—9999>>>>>---------
A -xxxx--7777--xxxx-5555--xxxx--9999--5555—7777>>>>>>---------
E -xxxx-5555---xxxx-------xxxx-7777---------------------------

Verse 1: Just Bass and Drums in there with no guitar

Chorus: “and she said that I am not the one” (X3)

e ----------------------------
B ----------------------------
G ---------------7777---------
D ---7777--9999-7777--9999----
A --7777--9999-5555--9999-----
E -5555--7777-------7777------

Do this riff after the above 
e ----------------------------
B ----------------------------
G ---------------77777777-----
D ---7777--9999-77777777------
A --7777--9999-55555555-------
E -5555--7777-----------------

Repeat intro Riff again.
Verse 2: Just with Bass and Drums again.
Chorus 2: Same as Chorus 1
Interlude: Just Bass and Drums
Chorus 3: Same as Chorus 1 and 2
End on A

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