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alright, the intro of this song is a little wierd cause on those second 10 strums theres 
like 2 notes that change and no one else seems to hear it, i hope i make some people happy.
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here just bar all the strings at the 2nd fret and put your pinky and ring fingers at the 
4th fret on the d and g,  and when its time, move them down one string each. alternate up 
and downstrokes real fast right here.
     x2     x2        ^-------------^      ^-------------^
                         these are 
                          played just
                         as fast it's
                         just those dern 
                          11's mess me up

now use the other tabs for the rest of the song cause they're right. if u wanna whine at 
me, its rate this tab and comment, please its my first and i wanna 
know what yall think. later.