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Woah Dog Chords

Blind  Melon
Woah D.O. G  (live version)

This is a live version that is played with a harmonica, I think in A, but I'm not sure
It's an awesome tune, shannon hune plays it solo on the version I have. Easy tune to play, the
rythem is a little off, but if you listen to the tune, you'll get the rest. Enjoy

Am  C  G  F x2
Am  C  G

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Am	        C	             G		F
I was just sitting here thinking  how you?d console me when I was pissed
Am	  C			     G	       F
Now I wonder would I like to see you run to me but then they
Am            C  		    G	            	F
took you away from me and now Im so god dam mad that I can?t see and
Am	         C		     G   F
 I wonder if you feeling anything at all in your new
Am    C  G	      F	                   Am
world woah and I said d.o.g. where did you go
C   G       F		         Am
Woah I said d.o.g. where did you go
C   G	     F        Am
Woah  I said d.   o.  g.
C    G
Ya, Ya