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Cavity Chords

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   M uth Full Of Cavities (partial) by Blind Melon

   Partial Tab by Craig Knowles (

  This is what I've figured out so far.  There's not much to the song, but there's one part I can't 
 figure out exactly.  Post corrections if you have anything to offer.  I'm not guranteeing
 that this is exact, so here goes:
[ Tab from: ]
D----2--2-2-------5-5----7----5s7-7--5s7-7--5-5---|  repeat
                        \                  \___/ /
                         \                   1  /
1 - Variation to indicated part 1 above (descending part in song)
    something like:
-------------------|                                               -6p3---------------|                                              -----5p3-----5p3---|  (not quite sure;  more
complicated than      ---------5p3-------|   this)

2 - There's also a descending vibrato variation part that replaces part 2 above

     Well, that's about all you need to make it sound pretty much like the song.  Just listen
to the album before you try to play this.  It will make life alot simpler.  There are very few riffs
throughout the song to learn. Granted, this is not all of the song, but I hope you can follow what
I have tabbed here.  Please e-mail me any corrections (I know there will be some) to