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Nightfall Tab

                             by Blind Guardian
                     from "Nightfall in Middle Earth"

 Hi mates...I have managed to find the intro and the chords
  (I believe that the same chords are repeated over and over
   again) of this "gamato" (<= in greek) song.Enjoy:




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      Am               Fm         C                   G/B            
   No sign of life did flicker in floods of tears she cried
   Am                 F              C           
   All hope's lost it can't be undone they're wasted and 

   It goes with the same chords(Am F C G/B) all over the song
   (apart from some solo).For a better perfomance use a capo 
   on the first fret.Well thats it...I hope that I'll manage 
   to find out the rest of the song and maybe the solos.

   Till then , "may your beards never stop growing"... 

   please send any comments corrections or whatever
   to my e-mail address:

                         This tablature was written by:Antony Manolessos