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Light In Your Eyes Chords

Tabbed by Ryan Smith
This is my first tab just to let everyone know.

I saw the only version of this song and thought it was way off,
so heres my version of it. It may not be right, but it surely
sounds better. I'll let you guys decide though. Comments welcome

Standard Tuning, no Capo

Chords Used:

C: 032010
F: 003211
G: 320033
Am: 001220
D: 000232


  C-F-Am-G X2


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 C                     F                       C           F
I can't remember the last time we kissed goodbye
C                         F                  C           F
All our I love you's were just not enough to survive
               Cm        Am
Something your eyes never told me
         C                    G
But it's only now to plain to see
           Cm            Am
Million disguise when you hold me
        B          F     G
and I'm free

           C                       F         G 
There's a light in your eyes where I used to see
          C                       F          G  
There's a pain in your hearth where I used to be
      C                             F          D 
Was I wrong to assume that you were waiting for me
There's a light in your eyes
         F                  G          C    
Did you leave that light burning for me

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