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Marie Marie Chords

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Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 15:50:57 -0600
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Subject: The Blasters, Marie Marie.crd

Marie Marie
by Dave Alvin

The Blasters, "The Blasters", Slash Records, 1981, "The Blasters
Collection", Slash Records, 1990

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Marie Marie
Playing guitar on the back porch
G           D
I sit in my car
D     C            D
While she sings so sad
D        G
Marie Marie

Marie Marie
It's so lonely in these farmlands
Please come with me
To the bright lights downtown
Marie Marie

        G        D
        I said, "Hey, pretty girl
        Don't you understand
        I just want to be your lovin' man"

Marie Marie
The sun is down in the corn fields
The evening is dark
And you sing so sad
Marie Marie

Marie Marie
I got two weeks in back pay
There's gas in my car
And your folks say I must go
Marie Marie

        (repeat chorus)

Marie Marie
Playing guitar on the back porch
I leave in my car
While you sing so sad
Marie Marie