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Some Beach Chords

Blake shelton - Some beach

Just listen to the rythm
    Intro:   Strum and palm mute C
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driving down the interstate, Running 30mins late, singing margaritaville
and minding my own,  Some forgen car driver dude, with a road rage attitude
                                 C               F 
pulled up beside me talking on his cell phone,   He started yelling at me 
           C                  F                                G(strum once)
Like I did something wronge,  He flip me the bird and then He was gone

   F            C
Some beach,  Somewhere
  G                                           C
Theres a big umbrella casting shade over an empty chair
F                                                  F
Palm trees are grown and warm breeze is blowen,  I picture myself right 
C               G          C
there   On some beach somewhere

ETC...................  This song is really simple and fun,   Enjoy