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Sweet Leaf Tab

       as tabbed By 
                CHRIS HETRICK
                          of Connecticut 
I believe that this is an easier way to express this song
than I have seen from other tabbers......just listen to the 
song and read these two parts.....
Main Riff                  In Between verses
E:----------------------    E:-------------
B:----------------------    B:-------------
G:--2-2----7-6-5---5-7--    G:--2---5-9-2-- 
D:--2-2----7-6-5---5-7--    D:--2-5-5-9-2--
A:--0-0----5-4-3---3-5--    A:--0-5-3-7-0--
E:------00-------0------    E:----3-------- 
Repeat this lick again and throughout main verses...
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Verse 1
When I first met you, I didn't realize,
I can't forget you, or your surprise.
You introduced me, into my mind,
and left me wanting, you and your prize.
Verse 2
My life was empty, forever on a down
Until you took me, showed me arround
My life is free now, my life is (real/clear/?)
I love you Sweet Leaf, though you cant hear.
Verse 3

Great people don't know, what your about,
They'll put you down, and shut you out.
You gave to me, a new beginning,
And soon the world will love you Sweet Leaf.
C'mon now! Whoa yeah! Try me out baby!
Allright! Whoa yeah! Oh wont you try to
do Sweet Leaf?! Oh yeah! Allright yeah,
yeah, yeah, oh try me out! I love you
          Sweet Leaf!