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Set You Free Tab

Hey, this is my first tab.  I made it because there are no songs by 
the Black Keys, so I decided to change that.  

Intro:    C and A



For the verse strike each note twice real quick... as if you didn't 
already know that. =)
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C              A 
   You hold on.     Your love gone.

C              A
   Run 'em out      To see 'em smile.

But you don't know he go door to door
playin' you, for the fool.


Ok, the 5th chords you need to lightly palm mute so that you get 
the heavy feel, then when you play the higher notes let it off.

 G        A         F         G

-=Play intro again=-

-=Back into verse=-


There is a solo I'm still working on, or at least I think.