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Life Gets Away Chords

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			Life Gets Away - Clint Black

Intro:	|G    |C    |Am7   |G    |Em    |C    |D    |G    ||
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Verse1:	F                 C             G
	We're tied to our memories they won't let us stray
	      Em        C            Am7        D
	We're not gonna lose ones we made yesterday
	   F           C             G            C
	we look to our future and we make all our plans
	   Em       C            Am7        D
	as if we control what is out of our hands

Chorus:	    G              C           Am7         G
	the world keeps on turning I'm learning to see
	G             C           D         G
	right where I am is where I have to be
	    G               C         Am7           G
	you can't count the pages all ages hear the call
	          Em          C             D            G
	no matter how hard we try life gets away from us all

	[intro riff]

Verse2: We start getting older the moment we live
	look over your shoulder there's hindsight to give
	come good days and bad days the sun's gonna rise
	so why look beyond what's in front of your eyes?


	no matter how hard we try life gets away from us all

	[intro riff]
Coda:	|F    |C    |G      ||

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