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Artist: Beverly Craven /(Lutricia McNeal)
Song: Promise Me
Album: Beverly Craven /(Soulsister Ambassador)
Year: 1990 /(2004)
Transcribed by Roman Komp (

Hi folks,

I was tired of searching a tab for that song. I didn't find one (except one that just
stopped at the beginning of the refrain), so I decided to make one myself. Now that
I'm finished (for my part. I just wanted the chords so one can sing along round the
campfire - hey, it's getting summer!! O' course there is more stuff to transcribe),
I want to share it with you.

That song's to beautiful to be true, so have fun with it!

Eques tenebrarum 3/2005

PS.: If anyone has a piano transcription of this song, please mail it to me

Ok, in der Originaltonart und mit den Lyrics sieht das Ganze so aus:

Intro: 2x{ Cm  Bb(/C) Ab(/C) Bb(/C) } (Arpeggios zupfen)

Cm              Bb
 You light up another cigarette
     Gm          Ab
And I pour the wine

Cm                          Bb
 It's four o'clock in the morning
         Gm                Ab
And it's starting to get light

Cm                       Bb
 Now I'm right where I wanna be
Gm                Ab
Losing track of time

      Fm                 Gm         Cm
But I wish that it was still last night

Cm                    Bb
 You look like you're in another world
     Gm               Ab
But I can read your mind

Cm            Bb
 How can you be so far away
Gm            Ab
Lying by my side

G            Cm
 When I go away I'll miss you
C                Fm
 And I will be thinking of you

Db       Db/Eb
 Every night and day just...

[ Tab from: ]
Ab                Eb
Promise me you'll wait for me
     Db               Db/Eb           Ab
'cos I'll be saving all my love for you
     Eb              Db    Eb
And I will be home soo-o-o-oon

Ab                  Eb
Promise me you'll wait for me
  Db                 C                 Fm  Fm/Eb
I need to know you feel the same way too
Db                Db/Eb           Ab
 And I'll be home, I'll be home soon

Angenehmer finde ich es aber mit Capo im 1. Bund:

Intro: Bm  A   G   A

You light up...
Bm  A   F#m G
Bm  A   F#m G
Bm  A   F#m G
Em  F#m Bm  Bm

You look...
Bm  A   F#m G
Bm  A   F#m G

When I go away...
F#  Bm
B   Em
C   C/D (C-Akkord mit D im Bass, auf der Gitarre z.B. offener C Akkord ohne Finger auf
der d-Saite)

Promise me...
G   d   C   C/D
G   d   C   d
G   d   C   B   Em  Em/D
C   C/D G

Lutricia McNeal geht's noch etwas tiefer an:

Am  G   Em  F
Am  G   Em  F
Am  G   Em  F
Dm  Em  Am  Am

Am  G   Em  F
Am  G   Em  F
E   Am  A   Dm
Bb  Bb/C (auf d. Git. beim Bb-Barree den zweiten Finger auf die A-Seite, damit zus.
die d-Saite abdämpfen)

F   C   Bb  Bb/C
F   C   Bb  C
F   C   Bb  A   Dm  Dm/C (C mit dem Daumen)
Bm  Bm/C F

Das war's. Viel Spaß und bis zum nächsten Mal wünscht Euch

  Euer Eques tenebrarum

PS.: Wenn jemand eine komplette Transkription von dem Song hat (Klaviernoten): Ich wäre
echt super happy, wenn ich eine Kopie bekommen könnte an!!