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Power Of The Gospel Chords

Power of the Gospel - Ben Harper

Live From Mars Version

I usually down-tune my guitar half a step down and then play this with the cd with a capo on the 1st fret
Alternatively, you can play this with the CD at normal tuning.
Listen to the CD closely to get all of the Pull-offs right.

D- 2    2_0_2
A- 2    2_2_0
D- 0 3  0_0_2

That's how play the pull-off and hammer-on, it sounds pretty right but as I said,
play with it.

The chords for the song are simple, but incoreect in other versions I have read

The basic chords are:

Em  :  022000
C   :  032010
Dsus2 : xx0320
Bm : x24432
Bm7 : x24232
B7 : x24242

Verse:  Em | C | D| Em  x4
[ Tab from: ]
It will make a weak man mighty, it will make a mighty man fall
                                                    x2 (just last 2 bars)
Chorus: Em | Em | Bm | Em | C ||: B7 (or Bm7) | Em :||

Repeats Verse:
Repeats Chorus:
Repeats Verse:
Repeats Chorus:

In this last chorus it is definately the Bm7 that he plays and not the B7
although in the verses it is still quite hard to depict it.  Just play
with the CD and you'll have no troubles.

This is a sick song and I hope that you'll enjoy this version as I'm
100% it's correct.

One last note:

In the "Live From Mars"version, Mr. Harper adds some vocals, that you'll hear when you listen

It is in the last verse:

And you may leave to today,
But when you've got to, got to have the gospel ready
When you start out on your way.

Enjoy immensely!