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Music & Lyrics by Mark Bellinger
Copyright 2002

Chord Define

D?2 000565
D?3 000343
D?4 000454
D?5 000787
D?6 0009109
D?7 000141514


D  D?2 D?3 D
D  D?2 D?4 D

Verse 1
Bm                 F#
I didnt sleep that much last night
Bm             F#
Didnt sleep at all
Bm                  F#
Fallen into a scary place
Em              F#
Falling with no control


D                  D?2          D?3             D
Watching from that lonely place remembering the past
D                D?2             D?4            D
Coming from that lonely place to live among the stars

Verse 2

Bm                     F#
She drives me wild but she dont know
Bm                 F#
That I even Hold a Flame
Bm              F#
I hang on every word she says
             Em           F#
And she dont even know my name

Verse 3
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Bm                   F#
So Came Over To Tell You
Bm                              F#
That I love you do you feel the same?
Bm                   F#
So Came Over To Tell You
             Em                F#
That I love you and this is my name


Chorus 2

C                 Bm
Is it love if you can't explain it
C              Bm
What is love I think I know
C         Bm
Is love a special feeling
Bb                B7
From your head down to your toes

Verse 4
Bm                    F#
I know love and I can explain it
Bm                               F#
When you find love then you will know
Bm             F#
Love is a special feeling
Em                         F#
I can tell you cos I really know


Verse 5

Bm                          F#
Thwas something there, you can't deny it
Bm                        F#
Such a shame you couldn't show
Bm                   F#
The real person deep inside you
Em                  F#
I guess we'll never know

Chorus rift to end