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Spanish Fever Chords

#Title=Spanish Fever

Music & Lyrics by Mark Bellinger
Copyright 2004

Intro A G E X2 & A Rift

V1- A Rift
My forehead drips with fever
We're dancin through the night
You set my soul on fire
Fill my mind with delight

Bridge- AGE Rift X2

Can I take so much passion
Your kisses drive me so wild
The way you move your body...
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EG Rift
..Hold me, touch me, I want your hands to explore me...AGE Rift X2

V2- A Rift
Crimson air revolving 
our lust is never ending
Intoxicating liquor
The night begins unfolding

Chorus & Guitar Fill

V3- A Rift
Feel the rhythm with me
Our bodys dance entwined
Wanna feel your body
Dancing next to mine


V4- A Rift
I cant even think now
Cant stop lookin at you
cant stand any longer
Wanna spend the night with you you yooou