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Lets Party Tonight Chords

Lets Party Tonight

Music & Lyrics by Mark Bellinger
Copyright 2003


C D7 G7 C

Verse 1

C             G7
Were having a party tonight
C             G7
Gonna set the night alight
C             G7
Gonna let our hair hang down
C          F     G7
Everybodys comin around


C            D7
Come on lets party tonight
           G7          C
Were gonna party until December
C            D7
Come on lets party tonight
          G7            C
Its gonna be a night to remember

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Verse 2

C                               G7
Pretty girls come on and do your thing
C                   G7
Move your hips and swing swing swing
C                     G7
Fevers rising now its goin wild
C              F        G7
Sing along now sing out loud


Verse 3

C                       G7
We're dancing into the night
C                   G7
Smile at the person on your right
C                     G7
We're drinking all our worries away
C                          F             G7
We'll still be doing it as night becomes day