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World Chords

By Barry,Maurice and Robin Gibb


G           A                D        Bm   
Now, I've found, that the world, is round,
          G         A        D   
and of course, it rains, everyday.

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Bm                     G            F#m       Em
Living to to-morrow, where in the world wil i be?
    Bm          G        F#m      Em C
To-morrow, how far am i able to see?
    G            F
Or am i needed here?


If i remember all of the things i have done,
to remember, all of the times i've gone wrong.
Why do they keep me here?

Chorus (x2)
then rpt and fade chorus!

To all those Bee Gee fans out there, have faith! Maurices death is just the beginning!