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I Need You Chords


From: dougerskine@sympatico


Subject: I Need You - Beatles

Format: Crd.

Asus2 = 002200

[A] You don't [D] realize how much I [A] need [Asus2] you. [A] [Asus2]

[A] Love you all the [D] time and never [A] leave [Asus2] you. [A] [Asus2]

Please [F#m] come on back to [C#m] me. I'm [F#m] lonely as can [C#m]

I [A] need [Asus2] you.

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[A] Said you had a [D] thing or two to [A] tell [Asus2] me. [A] [Asus2]

[A] How was I to [D] know, you would [A] upset [Asus2] me. [A] [Asus2]

I [F#m] didn't [C#m] realize, as [F#m] I looked in your [Bm] eye's.

You [A] told me.


Oh, yes you [D] told me, you [E7] don't want my loving [A] anymore.

That's when it [D] hurt me, and [E7] feeling like this,

I [Bm] just can't [D] go on [E] anymore. [E7]


[A] Please remember [D] how I feel [A] about [Asus2]. [A] [Asus2]

[A] I could never [D] really live [A] without [Asus2] you. [A] [Asus2]

So [F#m] come on back and [C#m] see. Just [F#m] what you mean to [Bm] me.

I [A] need you. I [F#m] need you. I [A] need you. [A] [Asus2] [A] [Asus2]