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Take It Outside Chords

Copyright: Wesley Rykse
Band: Barenaked Ladies
Song: Take It Outside

NOTES: This version of the song requries a *CAPO* on the *3RD* fret.
The reason I did this was because I save myself and yourself from the hastle of tuning
and re-tuning your guitar to an Eb tuning. It MIGHT be a little off on the verse but
I'm pretty sure I got it down. Please to DO NOT steal this file and distribute it as
your own, you can print it or put it on your website WITH PERMISSON ONLY. One more
thing. DO NOT Eb TUNE IT, just incase you didn't know. ALL THE VERSES ARE THE EXACT
SAME! And now, the song goes like this:

Verse 1:

F     C    F               C
Oh Ho I, I watch it all go down

F        C        F             C
Clo osed eyes, pretend no ones around

F     C   F                 C
So o I, a joust to play the clown

F       C       F            G
Or blow by, and never make a sound

[ Tab from: ]
C         G  Am                    F
Any other guy, would wanna take it outside but i'd

C          G  Am                       F
Never even try, who wants to get thier lights knocked out?

C         G  Am                    F
Any other guy, would wanna stir it up some but i'd 

C      F   G
rather say goodbye........

Verse 2: Same chords as verse 1, diff lyrics...

Chorus: Same Chords/Lyrics


Am        F          C       G
Harmony knows what anythings for

Am         F         C         G
Just for show I'm slamming the door

Am   F       C          G
Even so my heart and my hand

       F    G
are an open book

(Play C for the break)

Chorus x2

There you go, the take it outside tab I, here you can contact me for more info below.

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have a nice day. :-)