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Pinch Me Tab

barenaked ladies, pinch me.
Tabbed by redmud,
Pinch Me
Tabbed By: redmud

Aright, I've sorta figured this out, a lot of it is wrong, but hopefully you'll get the idea.

The most important thing is fiddle around in the key and hammer this little bit:


C        D          C           F
It's the perfect time of year
C      D                C       F 
Somewhere far away from here
C        D             C        F 
I feel fine enough I guess
C          D          C            F 
Considering everythings a mess
C          D          C               F 
There's a resturant down the street
C              D  C                    F 
Where hungry people like to eat
C            D          C             F 
I could walk but I'll just drive
It's colder than it looks outside
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C                                   G     
It's like a thing you try to remember but its gone
F                                                      G#m(355XXX)
When ya try to scream but it only comes out as a yawn
C                                 G                                      F
When ya try to see the world beyond your front door
C                              G

Take your (some words)
F                                              G#m
When ya realize (that I don't know the words)
C                         G                      F
Try to figure out what all this is for

(repeat pattern as above)
It's the perfect time of day

To throw all your cares away

Put the sprinkler on the lawn

And run through with my gym shorts on

Take a drink right from the hose

And change into some drier clothes

Climb the stairs up to my room

Sleep away the afternoon

(repeat pattern as above)
It's like a thing you try to remember when its gone

Then ya try to scream and it only comes out as yawn

When ya try to see the world beyond your front door

Take your (some words)

Realize that it might take awhile

Just to try to figure out what all this is for
(same pattern, just listen for chord changes)
Pinch me

Pinch me

Cause I'm still.....a-sleep......

Please God tell me

That I'm still asleep

(repeat pattern as above)
On an evening such as this

It's hard to tell if I exist

Pack the car and leave this town

And notice that I'm not around

I could hide out under there

I just made you say underwear

I could leave but I'll just stay

All my stuff's here anyway


etc.etc.  Sorry this song really sucks- It's way more complicated than I've written, but I promise to eventually
have all the cool little riffs in. For now, enjoy the 4 chords I've given you, even though there's actually like 50. 
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