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Version: 3 Type: Bass Tab

Pinch Me Bass Tab

                Pinch Me - BareNaked Ladies
                    Tabbed By: Nathan 

 I Noticed that there wasn't a tab for this
 Song on here so i figured I'd give it a shot.

 #The Drums start out and then Guitar and
 Bass come in.#

 You don't have to hammer-on but i think
 it sounds better like that.

 Fill intoo chorus
 Thats a kinda weird rythem so im 100% sure
 on this part, but it's close enough.

[ Tab from: ]
 This seems like it should be faster but it's 
 got the same kinda rythem as the verse.

 Verse x7

 Fill into chorus

 Chorus x2

 Bridge                          |---1---||--2--|
 On the second ending you go right into the verse
 the F is the first not of the verse.

 Verse x7

 Fill into Chouse

 Chorus x3

 Hold the High F out.

 Chorus x6
 Fade out on the 6th time, this is all 
 durring the guitar solo.

  This is by ear so im not 100% correct, if I
 screwed up somwhere feel free to correct it, 
 Make sure you rate it too!