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Never Is Enough Tab

T1: Jared Vigneault,, Barenaked Ladies,
Never Is Enough, 09/07/99

S1: Really cool song. Some parts are wrong or missing, but you get the
idea., capo III

Riff 1
This is the opening riff.
Much of the verses are based on this, but simplified.
I have no idea what that second chord is in this one.

        D/A      Bm7?    D        G/B         G        G/F# Em  A7

Verse 1
 The 2nd part of the verse is the same style, just different
chords. And the last chord of the second part, again, not sure what
it is.

        D         G/B         A         G        Em   A7

      What am I to wake up suddenly and then

D             G/B   A       G                            Em   A7
Enroll in the local college earn me a degree and I could work weekends

Bm       A    E      Em or E7 (play around)
    If I work really hard

Bm          A        E         E7
    I could mow your backyard

D             G/B     A              G         Em   A7
I could go to Europe, travel with my friends

D            G/B  A                  G                        Em     A7
I could blow 1000 deutchmarks to get drunk in a pub with some

Bm        A         E    E7   Bm        A           E      E7
    Buy a giant backpack          Sew a flag on the back

[ Tab from: ]
This is a cross between the Main Riff (Riff 1) and the verse
riff.  Try it with both and see which fits better.
I think it works best with Riff 1, banged out a bit more.
Just play around till it sounds cool, it's something like
what I've got here...   :)

D/A      Bm7?      D   G/B                  G        
Think never is enough    Yeah never is enough

          G/F#    Em      A7
You never have to do that stuff

D/A      Bm7?      D   G/B                  G        
Think never is enough    Yeah never is enough

          G/F#    Em      A7
You never have to do that stuff

Riff 1
Do De Do...  etc.

Verse 2
This is a tad more beefed up than verse one.
In fact, ignore the verse 1 riff, just play Riff 1
It's harder to sing over, but it's what they're playing here.

Riff 1
I've never had to spend a summer planting trees

Riff 1
I never worked my way through a forest inch by inch 
doubled over on my hands and knees

Riff 1
I've never spent a single day in retail

Riff 1
Telling people what they want to hear

Telling people anything to make a sale

Bm         A           E      E7
    Eating in the food court

Bm           A           E       E7  
    With the old and the bored

Chorus Again!

    G                           A7
The world's your oyster shell

    G                        A7
But what's that funny smell

    G                      A7
You eat that bivalve anyway

       G               A7
You're sick with Salmonella

    G          A7      G              A7
You get your PhD   How Happy You Will Be

         G            A7              G       
When you get a job at Wendy's and are honoured 

with Employee of The Month

 Bm7  A7    G                 D
 La   Da    Da   Da  Da   Da  Da

 Bm7  A7    G                 D
 La   Da    Da   Da  Da   Da  Da

 Bm7  A7    G                 D
 La   Da    Da   Da  Da   Da  Da

 Bm7  A7    Cadd9 
 La   Da    Da   Da  Da   Da  Da

Riff 1 X 2

Chorus X  2

End on A D

  Any Comments, I know some parts are wrong so 
suggestions too,-