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Maybe Katie Chords

By: Henry Willard
This should be perfect as it's not that hard to figure out.
Brilliant song though & i've worked out the little bit at the end of the guitar solo.

ENJOY! & please, if you have ANY queeries, comments or suggestions, please
e-mail me at: (alternate address at bottom of page)

CHORD of A:        CHORD of D:        CHORD of E:

e|------|          e|-2----|          e|------|                        
B|-2----|          B|-3----|          B|------|
G|-2----|          G|-2----|          G|-1----|
D|-2----|          D|------|          D|-2----|
A|------|          A|------|          A|-2----|
E|------|          E|------|          E|------|                      


A                       D          E      A                
 What's so maybe about...What's so maybe about...What's so maybe 
     D   E

A                  D   E      A                   D       E
 What's the use in hesitating? Can't you see that Katie's waiting?
A                 D        E      A                        D         E
 Just because her youth is fading, doesn't mean that she's not worth dating

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D       E    A                D              D       E          A
I don't know what the fuss is all about just take it slow, it's not like you 
      D                D      E    A               D                   D
can't live without her to and fro, if you've got a shred of doubt then it's 
not worth it


A                           D         E    A                      D
 Can't you see her with her arms wide open? she's everything that you've 
     E      A                     D          E      A             
been hoping for. Forever's not so long, stop moping, She's got a daughter 
           D        E
and you're just not coping.

D      E    A            D                D        E     A  
Do you know everyone you ever swore you'd love for life? I don't know them 
D         D          E         A              D                 D       E
anymore I know their names I'd recognize them on the street and I don't love 

SOLO CHORDS: D, E, A, D, D, E, A    x2
SOLO GUITAR: keep repeating the 9th fret on the G-string until the very end
of the solo just before the chorus comes back in, as thats's where it changes

G|-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-(repeat until...)-9-7-6----7-6----------------------------|

CHORUS (x2) (just in the chord of A)


Henry Willard, 16, England