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Its All Been Done Chords

Hi,  this is how i play this song, but if its not right cut me some slack ime only 12!

"It's all been done"
by the Barenaked ladies

D     G      Em               A
 I met you be fore the fall of Rome
   D        G
And I begged you to
Em              A
 Let me take you home
        D            D+  
You were wrong, I was right
             Bm               D7
You said good bye, I said good night
              G            Bm
Chorus: (woo-who-who)  It's all been done
              G             D
(woo-who-who)  It's all been done
              G             Em
(woo-who-who)  It's all been done
Be fore

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 D    G      Em                A
I knew you be fore the west was won
   D       G           Em
And I heard you say the  past 
Was much more fun
      D                 D+
you go your way, I'll go  mine
        Bm            D7
But I'll  see you next  time


                D      D+             
Bridge: And if I put my  fingers here
   Bm           D7
And  if I say "I  love you dear"
   G             A
And if I play the same three chords
    Bm                 D
will  you just yawn and say...


 D        G
A lone and bored on a
Em            A
  30th century night
    D     G   Em
will I see you  on
The Price is Right?
    D             D+
will I cry? will I  smile
  Bm                D7
as  you run down the  isle

(Play the chorus 2 times and end on a D)