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Intermittently Chords

The second song from the Maybe You Should Drive album.  All in all,
a good song and easy to play.  The chorus may need some touchup work.
Let me know how it sounds.

Chords used:

    EADGBE          EADGBE
E   022100     Dm   000321
C   030210     Am   002210
D   000232     Bb   112221
F#m 233222     G    320022
B   223332     A    002220
A?  002120            or
?   002110          577655
E?  021100

        ***CAPO ON 3rd FRET***

E                     C           D      E
Someone somewhere has unglued our epoxy
E                     C           D      E
Someone somewhere has unglued our epoxy
            F#m            B
And now I'm kissing you by proxy
Hope you don't mind
[ Tab from: ]
E                    C           D
Someone somewhere is dreaming of me
F#m       B
Tries to love me
Hope you don't mind


A?  ?
I  love you
A?  C
I  love you

2nd verse same chords as 1st verse

She's a lot like you but
She don't look like you
OK she's not you but she'll do fine

I put my life on hold to
Avoid complication
But should I tell you to your face
And risk my hide?

Chorus same as before

3rd verse

Every morning i just hit the
Ground yawning
Stick around if you
Enjoy disaster
Cause if you can't see what I'm after
You must be blind

Chorus same as before

Outro use chorus chords but played faster

Didn't have the heart to say goodbye
So I continued in my charlatan ways
Did I say heart?
I meant to say guts
Now I'm on my own
And I'm sorry that you're gone

Thanks for using this it's my first one, let me know any
comments if you have them.