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From: Stephen Denommee 
Subject: Hello City - Barenaked Ladies
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 95 0:04:38 EDT

Hello City by the Barenaked Ladies
>From the album: Gordon (1992 Sire/Warner Bros.)
1st song on the album but not a lot of American airplay (if any)
Jazzy kind of tune.

I had, and am still having troubles figuring out the chords for the part
beginning "Maybe I caught you at a bad time . . ."
I think you could flip back and forth between D and A and the final chord ("on
Barrington Street") would be a G.  Open to suggestions.

HELLO CITY - Barenaked Ladies

Hello city . . .

G	   D
Another night at the Palace,
C		C7		G    D 	       C    Cadd9
'cause there is nothing else to do.  (Whoa, whoa)
G		     D
The same people, the same drinks
and the same music,
the same quicksand.
G	      D		        C
I think this harbour town is waist
deep and sinking fast.
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G	D     C
Hello city,  You've found
      C7		G     	      D		    C     Cadd9
an enemy in me.   (Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa)
G	D     C               C7
Hello city, (Hello city,) hello city.

G	  D
Second night at the Warehouse,
C		C7		G       D      C     C7
and my mock turtleneck just reeks. (Whoa, whoa)
G			D
>From the liquor room to the changeroom
C			C7		G
to the doom and gloom of the hotel room,
I wish this seaside beerhall would
C	        Cm7
sink into the bay.


Maybe I caught you at a bad time,
maybe I should call you back next week,
maybe half the fault was mine that
the sun didn't shine on Barrington Street.

G	       D			  C
It's three o'clock in the morning,
	  C7		 G   D        C     Cadd9
and I'm hungry so let's eat. (Whoa, whoa)
G			    D
Climb down three flights to the streetlights
C		    C7			       G
and the barfights, we're just taking in the sights.
	         D		  C		         Cm7
I hope tomorrow that I wake up in my own bed.


What a good place to be,
don't believe them,
'Cause they speak a different language
	 C7			G
and it's never been happy for me. (It's happy hour
          D     C     Cadd9
again, whoa, whoa)
GD		    G	    D      C     C7
It's Happy Hour again.  (Whoa, whoa)
Hello city,
C      Cm7    G
 hello city.