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Together Chords


Gm                        Eb
Something just isn't right
Bb              F
I can feel it inside
Gm                         Eb
The truth isn't far behind me
Bb           F
You can't deny

Gm                      Eb
When I turn the lights out
Bb                      F
When I close my eyes
Gm	 Eb
Reality overcomes me
Bb           F
I'm living a lie


F             Gm
When I'm alone I 
F              Gm
Feel so much better
F                 Gm
And when Im around you
I don't feel
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It doesn't feel right at all
Together we've built a wall
Holding hands we'll fall
Bb              F
Hands we'll fall

verse2: (same chords as in 1 - Gm,Eb,Bb,F)
This has gone on so long
I realize that i need
Something good to rely on
Something for me

(repeat Bridge)

(repeat Chorus)

F              Gm
My heart is broken
F           Eb
I'm lying here
F                       Gm            F        Gm
My thoughts are choking on you my dear
F              Gm
On you my dear
F                 Bb
On you my dear

Gm                  Eb
When I'm alone I (when i'm alone) 
Bb                 F
Feel so much better
Gm                             Eb
And when Im around you (when i'm around)
Bb        F
I don't feel

[Chorus x2]

Gm                Eb
When I'm around you
Bb                     F
When I'm around you
Gm              Eb
I don't feel together
Bb	   F
I don't feel together..