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Mobile Acoustic Chords

This is EXACTLY as it is played in the AOL acoustic set in 2002,Im sure this is
100% correct,and is how Evan Taubenfeld plays it.and its very simple,and sounds

Standard Tuning (EADGBE)

(Bm D A E)

Bm         D
Went Back home again,
A               E
This sucks gotta pack up and leave again,
Bm             D
Say goodbye to all my friends,
A              E
cant say when ill be there again,
Bm              D
Its time now,to turn around,
       A         E
Turn my back on,everything...
Bm         D        
A                E         Bm  D   A
Turn my back on, every.....thing...yeah
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/a/avril_lavigne/mobile_acoustic_crd.html ]
E            A        E
Everythings changing ,when I turn around
    Bm                    F#
All out of my control,im a mobile




A                  E
  Hanging from the ceiling
        Bm                                 F#
lifes a mobile,spinning around with mixed feelings,
          A                      E
crazy and wild,sometimes,i wanna scream out loud
Bm   ...F#...

             (A)     (E)
Everythings changing,everywhere i go,
    (Bm)                   (F#)
out of what I know ,
 (A)     (E)
Everythings changing,everywhere i go,
    (Bm)                   (F#)
out of what I know ,yeah yeah yeah

(INTRO) La,la,la la etc



There it is kids,100% correct...if there is any comments though..email me.