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Underdog Chords

verse 1
g     b              em        c              g           b 
im so weak and im so tired its hard for me to find enough strength to feed 
    em      c           g        b              em                c 
the fire to fuel my ego and consequntley all my pride has all but died 
                g              b      em            c
which leaves me back to to the place i should have started from

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g            b                em              c                   c
been beat up been broken down no where but up when your face down on the 
g                       b                 em                  c       
ground im in last place if a place at all but theres hope for this underdog
g             b          em    c               g              b     
thats the way uh huh we like it                thats thee way uh huh we 
like it and they 
call me the under dog

verse 2

thats it real easy