Atreyu - My Fork In The Road (intro) Chords & Tabs


My Fork In The Road (intro) Chords & Tabs

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My Fork In The Road (intro) Tab

Ok im not a tab person. tabs are usually incorrect. and my friend checked out a tab for this song 
and it was prety far from what we came up with. so were going to share this with you.
the guitarist from atreyu is got a quick picking hand and reading a tab is nearly impossible for this 
so work out the timing. so take a stab at hearing it by ear and working out the timing with this 
tab ive put in.
(b is for bend. the bends are only half a tone and R for release bend.H for hammer on, p for pull off. easy)

Tuning is in 4/35 and drop D which is really c#    (Eb) , tuned down half a step from standard.
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(the palm mutes are fast and this took about 10 minutes for me to nail on time.)