Asia Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Al Gatto Nero Tab
02. Ancient/Steve Howe Acoustic Solo Tab
03. Arena Chords
04. Aria Chords
05. Beginnings/Steve Howe Acoustic Solo - Asia, Howe, Steve Tab
06. Bury Me In Willow Tab
07. Carl Palmer Drum Solo Tab
08. Clap - Asia, Howe, Steve Tab
09. Come Make My Day Chords
10. Dont Cry Chords
11. Drum Solo Tab
12. Face On The Bridge Tab
13. Faithful Tab
14. Geoff Downes Keyboard Solo Tab
15. Geoff Downes Keyboard Solo: Cutting It Fine/Video Killed The Radio ... Tab
16. Ghost Of A Chance Tab
17. Heat Of The Moment Chords
18. Heat Of The Moment (ver 2) Chords
19. Heat Of The Moment (ver 3) Chords
20. Heat Of The Moment (ver 4) Chords
21. Heat Of The Moment (ver 5) Chords
22. Heat Of The Moment Tab
23. Heat Of The Moment (ver 2) Tab
24. Heat Of The Moment (ver 3) Tab
25. Heat Of The Moment (ver 4) Tab
26. Heat Of The Moment (ver 5) Tab
27. Heat Of The Moment (ver 6) Tab
28. Heat Of The Moment Bass Tab
29. Heat Of The Moment (Ft John Wetton) (Bonus Track) Tab
30. Here Comes The Feeling - Asia, Howe, Steve Tab
31. Here Comes The Feeling Featuring Carl Palmer Drum Solo - Asia, Howe, Steve Tab
32. In The End (John Wetton & Geoffrey Downes) (Bonus Track) Tab
33. I Know How You Feel Tab
34. Judas Tab
35. Let Me Go Chords
36. No Religion Tab
37. Only Time Will Tell Bass Tab
38. Opening (Intro) Tab
39. Prayin' For A Miracle Tab
40. Prophet Chords
41. Rendezvous Tab
42. Rock And Roll Dream Chords
43. Shadows (Ft Geoffrey Downes) (Bonus Track) Tab
44. The Heat Goes On Chords
45. The Man With The Golden Arm - Asia, Bernstein, Elmer Tab
46. Through My Veins Chords
47. Tomorrow The World Tab
48. Valley Of Rocks - Asia, Howe, Steve Tab