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Ashley Mims is an Indie artist. She's from Louisville, Kentucky but will soon be moving
to Nashville to pursue "the dream". She's been playing guitar for four years and have
been releasing her stuff on the Internet since 2001.

This is a nice and simple song.

Capo 1st fret

Am       C    Am        C
Are you aware of this illusion?
Am             C              Am           C
You tell me to slow down, but I can't stop pushing
Am                             C
For you and me to be something more than we are
         Am                     C
I'm gonna push us into something that we aren't
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       Am      C            G        D
And I'm falling down in this deadbeat town
         Am     C       G          D
And every step I take is devoted to you
         Am    C                G    D
I'm never good enough; I'm never wise enough
          Am          C        G     D-Dsus4-D
And do you know how it feels to feel unwanted?

Am          C    Am    C
Give it all away for a small price
Am           C   Am     C
Only have to pay what rejection costs
Am                                  C                         Am
And I can't syncopate the time from now and when you're gonna tell me
I can let you go
Am                    C
So why don't you just let me know?

[instrument break]
Am, C, G, D-Dsus4-D

Am      C     G      D
I'm not gonna lie to you
            Am         C G     D
You were the best thing I never had
Am      C     G       D
I'm not gonna cry for you
     Am          C   G       D
Even though you still make me sad

Am       C    Am       C
Are you aware of this illusion?