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Envy Chords

Here are the chords for 'Envy' by Ash. It's played with the capo on the second fret.
I've noted the chords below, so it shouldn't be much of a problem!


E = 022100
A = x02220
C = x32010
B = x24442
D = xx0232
Gmaj7 = 3x0002
Bb = x13331
G5 = 3x00xx
Eb = x68886
Ab = 466544
Abm = 466444
Gm7 = 353333
G7sus4 = 355533
C* = x35553
Amaj7 = x02120
F = x81010108
Bbm = x13321
Am = x02210 


E                    E   A
One, two, three, four

C                    B
Here's a tas...

Verse: D Gmaj7 Bb A

Chorus: D Gmaj7 Bb A
[ Tab from: ]
Verse 2: D Gmaj7 Bb A
         D Gmaj7 Bb A G5

Bridge: Eb Ab Abm

1st link: Gm7 G7sus4 Gm7 C

Verse 3: D Gmaj7 Bb A
         D Gmaj7 Bb A
         E Amaj7 C B
         E Amaj7 C B A

Chorus 2: E Amaj7 C B
          E Amaj7 C B
          F Bb Bbm Am D E Amaj7

2nd link: C B

Verse 4: Same as Verse 1

Chorus 3: E Amaj7 C B
          E Amaj7 C B

Outro: E Amaj7 C B

Hope it's ok!!!

Tabbed by Pete Earnshaw