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Why We Cry At Movies Chords

Song: Why We Cry At Movies
Artist: As Tall as Lions
Album: Lafcadio

Capo 1st Fret
Chords relative to capo

C     G     F      F

Well you've got me baited
C                           G
The hook's in my mouth 
But I don't want to let you know
      Amin   G                    F 
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You see I fall so slowly
Like leaves in the air
It's tearing me to pieces
I guess theres no way 

to make love and not break our hearts, not break our hearts
Dmin                      C                           G                        

Theres this little piece when going from G to F in the verse
E| - 3-1-0-|


G    Dmin   F     G

Tabbed by Slimebee