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Wake Up Chords

Arcade Fire
Wake Up

From Funeral
Tabbed by theplot

Intro - C (repeated)

Choir Part - C, Am, F, G (quick), C

something - filled up
my heart - with nothin' 
F		  G          C
someone - told me not to cry. 

but now that - i'm older
my heart's - colder - 
F		     G          C
and i can - see that it's a lie.

(same chords for the rest of the song)

children - wake up
hold your - mistake up 
before they - turn the summer into dust. 
[ Tab from: ]
if the children - don't grow up
our bodies get bigger. but our hearts get torn up
we're just a million little gods causing rain storms turning every good thing to rust. 
i guess we'll just have to adjust.

Bb                               G*   
with my lighning bolts a-glowin' 
Bb                           G            F
i can see where i am going to be when
the reaper he reaches and touches my hand. 
(Time change - C)

better look out below!

*play descending chords - G, F#, F, E (optional)