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Version: 3 Type: Bass Tab

Police Story Bass Tab

Anti Flag
Police Story
Bass Tab
Tabbed by: punknoodles
E-Mail: PunKNooDLeS182

Theres already a version of this on the
site... This is quite similar, but it's
more detailed compared the the song. 
Such as strumming... I think it's
highly accurate... If you have a 
problem with it, please give me an 
E-Mail to the E-Mail on the top. 

Intro X3 (odd rythm, listen to song)


Verse 1 X1 (stum)


[ Tab from: ]
Verse 2 X2


Bridge? X2

Chorus X4

From here

Intro X2
Verse X2
Bridge X2
Chorus X4
Alternative Chorus X4
Intro X4
Chorus X8

Alternative Chorus X4


When you play the intro here, don't play 
the Continued... part at the top, just 
keep playing the first part of the intro
over 4X...

End on a hard
Take back your rights!