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On Every Corner Tab

Song Title: On Every Corner
From Album: Not So Soft

Transcribed By: Patrick Gillon
Contact Email:

Tuning: DADGAD
Capo: none

Please bear with me as this is the only TAB Iíve ever attempted. Iíve only been
playing for about a year and most of those have been spent playing and listening
to Ani! I donít even know if the tuning is correct but it seems to work when I
play along with the recording. Please send suggestions if you have them.

Notes on how to play it: Bass notes with thumb alternated with bar chords plucked
upwards with I, M, R fingers.

Intro and between verses (Improvise bass notes and other conĒfingerĒations!)
Repeat as necessary. Pause before continuing.
      (X)     (X)
D |---0-------3-------2--2-----(3)---------------------------|
A |---0------3-------2-2-------(3)---------------------------|
G |---7-----3-------2---2------------------------------------|
D |------0------------0-----------0-0--------0---------------|
A |--------1----1-0--------0-s5-------0-0-h5-----------------|
D |-5---5----------------------------------------------------|
[ Tab from: ]
Verse: Slow and dramatic (Very simplified version of Intro) Repeat as necessary
with variations in sharply plucked bass notes and chords and regular finger
tapping (X) on guitar top.
       (X)  (X)  (X)  (X)
D |---0----3----2----3----------------------------------------|
A |---0----3----2----3----------------------------------------|
G |---7----3----2----3----------------------------------------|
D |-----------------------------------------------------------|
A |------1----0----5------------------------------------------|
D |-5---------------------------------------------------------|
I think thereís a transition that has these chords descending.

This part replaces the last chord form from, A/s5, shown above as transition to
the next part. Pause before continuing.
D |-----5--------|
A |-----5------5-|
G |-----5--or--5-|
D |------------5-|
A |--------------|
D |-s6-----------| 

This part is a doubled-up fast paced version of the first line. 
D |---0-0-0---0---3-3-3--3---2-2-2---2------3-3-3-------------------|
A |---0-0-0---0---3-3-3--3---2-2-2---2------3-3-3-------------------|
G |---7-7-7---7---3-3-3--3---2-2-2---2------3-3-3-------------------|
D |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
A |-------------1-------1--0-------0---0-s5--------0----------------|
D |-5-------5----------------------------------------s5-------------|
Return to slow section as on the recording.